June 2019

Ken’s follow-up home sleep study showed that he had made progress, but he still needs more improvement. The dentist is working with him to adjust the dental device to correct the problem. Please continue to pray that his sleep apnea will soon be completely under control.

For many years Source of Light has been blessed with volunteers. We are thankful for some recent volunteers who are willing to come on a regular basis to serve in the Madison Discipleship School (MDS), in addition to the faithful volunteers who already serve in MDS. We are also grateful for the volunteers that come for short-term service to help in various departments.

We would like to share some praises and prayer requests from SLM Romanian Director, Cristian Oprea. He praises the Lord for the new students who were enrolled this month; for the development of the ministry in Moldova; for the donors who sustain the ministry in Romania and in Europe. He asks prayer that God will provide a staff member for the ministry in Brasov; for the printing of the Fishers of Men course which they have translated; for funds for transportation which is a great need as they expand; that God will give them the opportunity to go on deputation to recruit additional financial supporters.

We appreciate your prayers for us as we plan our yearly deputation and vacation time. We tentatively plan to make this trip the last week of July and the first week of August, but still have some details to finalize.

Please pray for:
* Ken, to soon get his sleep apnea completely under control
* Final details to be made for our trip the end of July and first of August
* Carla’s sister, Rhonda, who still has a cough
* Jonathan and Anna Weidman, raising support to serve at SLM
* Provisions for Source of Light International Headquarters’ Global Outreach (general) Fund, Paper Partner Fund, and Madison Discipleship School Postage Fund
* Staff members needed: Regional Director for Africa, Field Department Teammates, Development Coordinator, Media and Publications Director, Pressmen, Information Technology and Media, Order Department, Print Shop, Global Outreach Department Director, Front Desk Receptionist, and Madison Discipleship School personnel.
* A new Pastor for Bethany Baptist Church, Madison, GA

In His Service,

Ken and Carla Wills

1011 Mission Rd., Madison, GA 30650 / kcwills.com
Ken’s cell #706-474-8385 / Carla’s cell #706-342-6431 / wills4him@gmail.com