About Us



We were married in 1978. We have two daughters, and two grandchildren.

* Born in Toledo, OH – 1956
* Moved to WV – August 1973
* Received Christ as Savior – Fall 1973
* Graduated from Hinton High School – 1974 with 7 credits in Shop Classes
* Worked as Carpenter Helper
* Worked with service crew at a Mobile Home Dealer
* Worked at Kroger – 1979 – 2006
* Surrendered to the Lord’s Calling to serve at SLM – August 2003

* Retired from Army National Guard – Septmber 2003, with 23 years of service

KEN is working in the Maintenance Department,

where he is assisting in Repairs to Mission Housing, Upkeep on Vehicles, and

most importantly to help keep machines in the Print Shop Running.

* Born in Hinton, WV – 1960
* Lived at Talcott, WV since 1962
* Accepted Christ at age 13
* Graduated from Talcott Hight School – 1979
* Established an Associate Discipleship Ministry called
“Hopeful Heart Ministries” in 1993,   where she graded Bible lessons in our home
* Secretarial, computer, and organizational skills
* Surrendered to the Lord’s Calling to serve at SLM – August 2003
CARLA is the Office Manager in the Madison Discipleship School,
where she is grading Bible Lessons & Coordinates the work flow.
We  both help to start our sending Church;
Countryside Baptist in 1993.
Ken served as a Trustee and Deacon.
Carla as Sunday School Teacher.

Ken & Carla Wills

Ken’s Cell 706-474-8385 / Carla’s Cell 706-342-6431