Wills Update September 2021

We appreciate your prayers for Ken. It has been over three and a half months since he broke his leg. He completed his physical therapy at the end of August and he is walking much better now. He continues to do exercises on his own to strengthen his leg more. He goes to the doctor for a final follow-up visit on September 30.

We are thankful that Jonathan Weidman, who serves in the Maintenance Department, passed the test to get his water license. That makes three of the Maintenance men who are licensed, which will be a help since someone who is licensed has to be available at all times in case there is a water problem.

Please pray for Shirley Rice as she will be having shoulder surgery on September 22. Shirley serves in the Advanced Studies Department, helps in MDS, and also lends a hand to prepare our Wills Updates for mailing.

Beverly who is in a care facility said, “Whew the last question hit me. A quiet time with God… I’m going to take these pages and put them in my room. I know I need to spend time with God, but in here it is so easy to get distracted, especially when it is NEVER quiet. Thank you God for using this Bible study to speak to me this week!”

SLM Ivory Coast Director, Isaiah Bernasko praises the Lord: for a gentleman of 92 years who recently accepted Christ. His son also accepted Christ; that the church at Abbeykro is permitting Jeremiah to take over a greater part of the pastorate so that I can work on other important tasks and my health; for a young man, Josias Bako, in Burkina Faso who came to know Christ through the Bible lessons and who is now a pastor. He is applying to use the lessons in ministry; and for the possibility of a new supporter. He asks prayer: that we would find a way to get lessons to Brother Josias for the ministry in Burkina Faso. The border between Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast is now closed due to COVID-19. Also pray: that my leg will heal completely; for funding to purchase the medicine that I need for my leg; for my wife, Mansah’s health; and for the funding too for her to have medical tests.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. God bless you all.

In His Service,

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Ken’s cell #706-474-8385 / Carla’s cell #706-342-6431 /